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A dedicated Indian developer with a penchant for automating digital processes seamlessly. My expertise lies in navigating the complexities of Python 3 coding with finesse. Beyond the realm of programming, you'll find me on the football field, or hiking some lone mountains.

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My Services

Here are a few things I have prior experience building and have enjoyed creating in the past.



Create automation scripts using python to simplify complicated task.


Website Development

Building dynamic and static websites using Python and Javascript.


Database Management

Managing DataBase such as Mongo DB, MySQL with Python and Javascript.


Rest API Creation

Creating Rest API's for various purposes using Frameworks like Flask, FastAPI in Python.


Discord / Telegram Bot

Creating discord and telgram group management bots using Python and PHP.


Hosting / Deploying Apps

Hoisting websites and deploying apps using Azure, Aws, Heroku, Vercel...

What I have done

My Latest Projects

Here are some of my projects i have done in my free time.
These are mostly personal projects and are maintained regularly.

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My Latest Blogs

I enjoy writing blogs in my free time. Here are some that I have written.

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My Bonafides

Here are some of the certificates I have recieved from completing courses online and attending bootcamps.

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